I have now finished compiling the Magnesium Effect survey. We had 142 responses which is great. Special thanks go out to Alex Carmichael who heard about the survey and got it onto the global QS blog. Thanks Alex and thanks to everyone who participated. Below you’ll find three documents; start with the overview document:

The Magnesium Effect

overview of results with summary charts and commentary

The Raw Data

all the details of the survey minus the names (for privacy purposes)

Adobe’s FormsCentral Charts

raw charts that the survey tool created
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  • http://ken.net Ken Snyder

    It was pointed out that the “time of day” chart was missing from the overview document. That was an oversight on my part and it has been added in now.

  • Yonzie

    Acrobat.com doesn’t work with the iPad… How hard is it to serve a PDF?
    I can’t even view the recommended browsers page, because my browser isn’t supported… The level of idiocy is staggering.

  • http://ken.net Ken Snyder

    Yonzie, that is surprising about the lack of iPad support. Others have also complained that it takes a long time even on a desktop OS. I guess overall it’s clear that my choice to put it on Adobe was probably a poor one. In reaction to this I have now uploaded it to the Scribd site where it should be faster and iPad compatible. Sorry for your experience but if you’re interested I’ve updated the links to point to the new location.

  • http://ken.net Ken Snyder

    Thanks to everyone for the large amount of support on this survey. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and it’s very encouraging to me to see how much interest there is overall.

  • Brian

    Ken, thanks very much for this survey. I’m starting my own Magnesium Trial tomorrow and will let you know what my results are going to be.

    I have question: What’s your view on the different types of magnesium supplements? There seems to be such a big number of them and I find it hard to get an overview. (I ordered the 400mg caps by NOW Foods for now…)

    (PS. I tried to subscribe to get email updates from your blog, but the signup seems to be broken.)

    • http://ken.net Ken Snyder

      Wow, thanks for the heads up on the email subscription. What browser are you using? It seems to work but I’d be very interested in making sure it works for others.

      • Brian

        Thanks! I’ll check Nutricentre out.

        I’ve tried subscribing with Chrome. It goes to a page that says ‘WordPress Failure Notice.’ Then it asks: ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ and the only option is a link named ‘Please Try again.’ When you click that you’re redirected to your homepage. (Just tried with Firefox and Plainview as well. Same thing.)

    • http://ken.net Ken Snyder

      As for which vendor’s product I recommend I must say I’m not sure. Its such a hard area to get real visibility into. I will say that having talked to a number of celebrity personal trainers in the UK that strongly recommend The Nutri Centre (http://www.nutricentre.com). They have physical stores with very qualified staff and you can order online once you’ve settled on the best options. I’ve been meaning to get myself to the one near Regent Park for ages. If you’re not in the UK then this isn’t too useful.

  • saraiki portal

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