If you’re a Magnesium lover than the news just keeps on getting better. This article from Life Extension Magazine writes about work being done at MIT which suggests a particular form of Magnesium — Magnesium-L-threonate — may help the brain with memory loss (aka, help the brain stop memory loss). Now I must admit I don’t know the folks over at Life Extension so I don’t know if their natural bias (aka, they sell supplements including Magnesium) plays out in their reporting so please read with normal caution.For instance, I do hope that their referencing of MIT is fair and accurate representation and not just an attempt to just borrow credibility. Well that’s my paranoia at work. Would love to hear from others if they have a view on the credibility of this article.

Read on for more information.

Novel Magnesium Compound Reverses Neurodegeneration – Life Extension:

(Via www.lef.org)

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